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Welcome to Dynamic Counselling Centre (Inner peace healing journey). We are located in Seksyen 13, Petaling Jaya. Your journey start here.

We offer you a safe place, supportive and non-judgemental for you to talk about yourself, your issues, your life, your struggle and various life setback you might have.

Talking to a counselor is different from talking to your friends as counselor is a trained professional who is trained in handling client’s various issues and also offer an objective perspective and non-judgemental view towards clients and focus on client well being and how to work together towards their counselling/therapy’s goal.

We work towards creating a safe environment for client to share and work towards a therapeutic relationship to empower client towards changes they want to made in their life based on their value and belief.

Depending on client issue, different people experiences different emotion while in therapy, initial period involved a lot on self-exploration and you might feel strong emotion that you are not used to feeling eg you might be confused, you might feel uncomfortable, angry, sad etc. We understand that its not an easy task to talk about your issue initially to a stranger and will work with you together in your journey of self-exploration and working to create that safe therapeutic safe place for you to share. It is likening to peeling an onion layer by layer and you not sure what you see inside but we work together and walk with your thru out the journey. It is like before you be able to see the rainbow, you had to go thru the thunderstorm and lighting. It is a process of self-discovery, exploration and working towards an authentic improved self and at the same time be kind to self and accepting of our flaws and aware of our strength and resources.

Thus, client openness in sharing is important so we would be able to help them to cope with various emotion they might be having. Exploring oneself and going for counselling is a brave thing to do as not everyone is ready for change, though we will guide client step by step, providing resources and coping to ensure they are not too overwhelming along the way and learn better emotional regulation. Our aim is to walk the journey with our client, guide and support them along the way and working towards their counselling goal and empower them to make change to happen.

We work with client on various issues from self-exploration, self-growth, career, relationship, infertility, grief, childhood distressing memories, trauma, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), depression, anxiety, panic attack, stress, burnout, self-esteem, self-worth, among some of them.

I used integration of theories from Person Centre Therapy, Reality Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focus Therapy and modalities such as sand play, hypnotherapy (that work wonders with subconscious and unconscious mind as we are being shaped a lot by value and belief from childhood) and also EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing a memory reprocessing method that work wonders with distressing memory and recommended by WHO- World Health Organization for PTSD).

Under the counselling act, things shared in session is confidential. Thus, please share with peace of mind and also the more you share the more we are able to help you. In a good therapeutic session, our job is like a mirror reflecting to you what is happening and this will enable you to work towards changes you wanted.

Over the years I learned a lot from client and one great thing I learned is that going to therapy does not mean you are weak or flawed. It takes a lot of courage, determination and hard work to explore and move forward for client. In fact, along the journey we learned to accept self even with some flaws, its ok and that is what make life worth living and we are unique and special in our own way. Personally, I felt inspired and in awe of some client tenacity and resiliency and as much as its their journey of healing and learning its also a learning journey and growth for me. To all my client that I am privilege to be sharing their journey with, I thank you for the trust and allowing me to be in your journey.

Feel free to contact us for a chat, our approach is always catered to client different needs, values and beliefs. Our centre provides the ambience and warmth of cozy home setting and your privacy is guarded and no formalities here, come in your casual cloth that you feel comfortable and relax.


“Overcoming difficulties lead to courage, self-respect and knowing yourself.”

Alfred Adler

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Viktor E. Frankl

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.”


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